Bypass Mac Activation Lock Using Jamf Pro Activation Lock Bypass Code

July 20, 2021


Apple introduced Mac Activation Lock when they released MacOS Catalina (macOS 10.15). Activation lock was introduced on iOS a while ago with the purpose of discouraging theft. Activation lock prevents a device from activation without the Apple ID and password of the owner. To learn more about Activation Lock, visit this Apple Support page.

If you deploy a laptop through your company and it comes back with an activation lock, you can remove it through Jamf. The device needs to be in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program or Apple Business Manager to prove that the company owns the device.

In Jamf go to Computers and search for the Mac you want to bypass. Then go to Management and then Activation Lock Bypass, then click on the Show Activation Lock Bypass Code button. You’ll want to copy the code.

Jamf Activation Lock Bypass Screen

Then go to the Mac and boot it into Recovery Mode.

On the Activation Lock prompt, go to the Recovery Assistant menu and choose Activate with MDM Key.

Enter the bypass code and then click Next. Your Mac should remove activation lock and you’re free to wipe or redeploy to a new user.

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